The drink for today in my calendar was a Kamikaze, which I've made before: vodka (I used Tanqueray citron), cointreau, and lime juice. I eyeballed the last two ingredients. Not bad, sort of a Cosmo without the red stuff. Maybe too much cointreau in mine, but still good. I have more flavored vodkas cluttering up my freezer, and gin, but can you ever have too many?

Catching up from a couple weeks ago was a New Orleans Fizz: gin (I used Gordon's), lemon juice, lime juice, orange flower water (hiding in the back of the back shelf of the fridge), vanilla extract, cream (I used half and half, half of which ended up on the floor), and an egg white at your own risk. Why not; you only live many times. Shake - for 2 or 3 minutes according to the instructions, but I have weak wrists so I gave it my usual brief but thorough shaking. Top with 4 oz or so of club soda.

Not a bad cocktail, one of my favorites to date. I liked the citrus in it, and the vanilla. Sort of like a spiked smoothie. Now I feel guilty about not going to the gym first. Or for 6 months. If it had had maraschino in it, thus pink, I might have watched pink elephants parading across the ceiling. It's not as hard to make as all the ingredients would suggest, and a nice summertime drink.