Champagne Day 1

I'm ahead of schedule with my calendar drinks, so I'm using this weekend to catch up on some champagne cocktails.

The bubbly I'm using is a Korbel Chardonnay, which I've never drunk before and costs twice as much as my usual Korbel from Sam's, but it was on sale so I decided to live dangerously. What's one more late mortgage payment for Wells Fargo these days. It's good. I'm not a sparkling wine aficionado, but I could drink this with a ham sandwich.

Drink #1 was a variation on a cosmo: cointreau, lime juice, another ingredient that I forget so it'll stay a secret, and pomegranate juice in place of the cranberry juice I finished up the other day. Topped with champagne of course.

It's OK. I'm not a big cosmo fan, but I got my antioxidants and vitamin C for the day.

For the second drink, I winged it, saving the raspberry puree drinks for tomorrow: tangerine mixer (they're still not in season) and a drizzle of Mandarine Napoleon, topped off. Sort of a slightly tarter mimosa. I liked it: a nice alternative to a usual brunch drink.

I winged it again for version #3 tonight: passion fruit liqueur, a drizzle of Rose's, topped with Korbel. This was OK; I liked the tangerine better. This might be really good with passion fruit puree and a little of the liqueur for a kick.

I knew I should have ordered that caviar from iGourmet.