Cachaca Drinks

Tonight I caught up on two cachaca drinks from a couple months ago.

The first called for turbinado sugar and lime muddled, then passion fruit juice (I used liqueur), cream, and cachaca. I didn't want to buy cream just for this, so I got a can of whipped cream instead and whizzed some of that into the glass.

Not a bad drink. The lime didn't curdle the cream, and it tastes like a tropical milk shake with the rum, lime, and cream.

The second option is called a 'spiced mandarin caipirinha.' This one muddles sugar, limes, mandarin orange segments, and cinnamon, then add the rum and mandarin Napoleon liqueur. The recipe didn't give proportions, so I used about a half teaspoon of cinnamon, 2 ounces of cachaca, and 1 of the mandarin Napoleon.

I'm not a big cinnamon fan, and this was a tad too cinnamony for me, and you end up with cinnamon all over the ice cubes. Maybe cinnamon schnapps would work better. The orange and cachaca go well together, though, and I bet it'd work with another spice taking the place of the cinnamon.