Drinking My Way Down the Runway

I had several hours of Project Runway season 2 on in the background this afternoon and really needed a drink by the time they got to the finale. Sort of like cats on a hot tin runway. I only made it through the first half hour of the finale.

Today's recipe in my calendar was a gin and tonic - finally - which I covered in detailed taste tests a week ago, so I shook up a gin drink from yesterday: gin (I used Gordon's), 2 to 1 dry to sweet vermouth, a few dashes of orange bitters. Sort of like an updated perfect martini.

I'm not a big fan of sweet vermouth with gin, and even only half an ounce like in this drink just doesn't do it for me for whatever reason.

Then, from a few days ago, a gimlet: equal parts gin (Gordon's again) and Rose's lime juice, with juice from a hunk of lime squeezed in. I adore limes and lime juice, but this drink is awfully limey. I can go without vitamin C for a year now and not get a cold.