Do I Smell Like Juniper?

I bought a large bottle of Gordon's to make the citrus punch with a punch for the birthday party I told you about Saturday night. While I was buying supplies, I picked up a bottle of tonic water, my first during this year of drinking for some odd reason. Maybe because my calendar hasn't had any gin and tonic recipes.

So last night I decided to conduct a gin and tonic comparison. The first gin was Gordon's. I used a jigger's worth (ounce and a half) in each, and poured the tonic each time to the same line in my red Solo cup. (Yes, a sophisticated gin and tonic test.) Gordon's was good: it tasted like your classic g&t. I haven't drunk a g&t in ages, and this tasted like what I remembered from my wild youth. Probably el cheapo Gordon's is what most of the bars used.

Second was Tanqueray 10. I'd read a review online a week or so ago that claimed while 10 is good for martinis, the writer thought it was the perfect gin for a g&t. It was OK, and certainly more pronounced than the Gordon's, but with its strong herbal/bay leaf/whatever overtones, it tasted to me like a g&t wishing it was a dirty martini. Just a tad too potent for a g&t. I loved it a week ago when I made an olive martini with it, though.

Next was Plymouth's. I didn't like this one at all. It seemed to leave an odd aftertaste, maybe because the gin is sweeter? I don't know, but it didn't work for me.

Last, I shook the last few drops out of my bottle of Tanqueray Rangpur. This was my favorite. The lime in the gin makes it a great base for a g&t, and the herbal stuff isn't as overpowering as in the 10. I'd go with this one for g&t's, though I'd like to make one with Bombay sometime and see how it compares.