Champagne Cocktails Part Deux

I finished up my bottle of Korbel with 2 more champagne-based drinks from last month.

The first was a Champagne Cosmo: cranberry juice, pear brandy (I didn't have any, so I used calvados), cointreau, and champagne. This is a Cosmo in name only. I really couldn't taste the cranberry juice much, but I got a hint of the cointreau. An OK drink, but if I'm in a rare mood for a Cosmo, I'll mix up the real thing and call Sarah Jessica to come over.

The second one was an ice cream-based cocktail, and who doesn't like champagne and ice cream? Sherbet, actually, so even better: lime sherbet (none on sale at Walgreen's, so I used mango), cognac, kirsch (I used a cheap cherry brandy), and champagne.

I've been surprised how well cognac goes with champagne, and this is a good drink. The sherbet adds sweetness to the rather dry champagne, and the oversweet cherry brandy (in name only) probably gets the ol' insulin flowing too. Good summer drink for a brunch or supper.