Back in the Saddle

June was a slow month for drinking. Maybe because of the summer heat, maybe because I was busy working, but I didn't drink anything most nights and sure didn't keep up with my calendar. Part of the problem was the drinks in my drink of the day calendar weren't too inspiring, they seemed like variations on drinks from earlier in the year.

Last night I made what they called a Waldorf, as in the hotel, cocktail: bourbon, pernod (I use Ricard), a little simple syrup. I got to the point I was liking anise-flavored cocktails, but this one had too much licorice for my taste.

Tonight I mixed two chocolate-based drinks. The first was gold tequila with Tia Maria. This one was a lot like another one earlier this year. It's surprising that tequila goes so well with chocolate. Not a bad drink - I used reposado tequila - but not really distinctive enough to drink very often.

Then there was one with cognac, half and half, and creme cacao. A brandy Alexander with cognac. I like this one better than the tequila drink, but too much like liquored-up chocolate milk. Although I did forget the nutmeg I was supposed to sprinkle on top, not your usual kid's drink.