Ginger, no Mary Ann

I had a recipe from a week or so ago calling for ginger beer. A couple months ago I had a ginger beer recipe, and I found it at Target, but I didn't want to drive 25 miles to the nearest Target this time, and none of the local stores (including WalMart) carry it.

Today, while at another grocery (where all the celery wasn't brown, like it was at Wally World, but it didn't have either parsley or cilantro: this is the great Midwest, after all), I found a natural brand of ginger ale: pure cane syrup, no additives, etc. I figured this might have more kick than the Canada Dry stuff, and I was right: I drank a can this afternoon, and it packs a nice ginger punch.

So this evening I mixed up the cocktail. It called for a couple pieces of fresh ginger, which I'd bought for the occasion. And ginger syrup. Who has ginger syrup sitting around? I still have a recipe from early in the year calling for ginger liqueur; I can't find that anywhere, and I'm not about to make it myself. So I used simple syrup and muddled the fresh ginger and a piece of candied ginger in it. (Inventive, no?). Then dark rum, a squeeze of lime juice, and top with the ginger pop/soda/whatever you call it.

Verdict: I liked it. The dark rum goes great with the ginger, and I've gotten so I like lime in most of my drinks. It's one of the best cocktails I've made from this calendar, and actually one I might make again. Maybe by then I'll have found ginger syrup or liqueur or whatever. Or just rely on the candied stuff, which I usually have sitting around.