Yo ho ho Department

Last night while I was watching Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (not a bad movie, but didn't quite live up to its reviews, for me), I caught up on two rum drinks from this last week.

The first is called a Blue Marlin. No omega-3's called for. Citron rum, blue curacao (so it's, well, blue), and a little sweet and sour. Not too bad. Blue curacao seems only to be good for color, not taste, but the sweet and sour added a bit of a tart note to it. The citron rum, on the other hand, has potential for lots of good drinks.

The second is called an Atlantic Breeze or some such name: light rum (I poured Bacardi, trying to use up my old bottle of the low-end stuff), apricot liqueur (I pulled out the apricot brandy), pineapple juice, lemon juice, and a splash of Galliano to float.

I was afraid this would taste like pineapple juice, since it calls for 2 1/2 oz. But it really didn't. The lemon and apricot brandy helped cut the sweetness, and the slight anise flavor of the Galliano was nice with the other fruit flavors. A good drink, though I bet other juices like Mango would be even better in it.