Really Catching Up

Last night I needed an aperitif, so I made a Bloody Mary recipe from my calendar (yes, I know that's not officially an aperitif, but it did the trick) dating back to Jan 2nd, one of their series of New Year's hangover cures. This one called for anisette, my reason I'd put off mixing it.

I still don't have anisette, though I was eying a small bottle behind the cashier at the liquor mart the other day, but since I'd bought the Ricard and the Herbsaint, I figured one of those should be a close approximation. I still had most of my bottle of Clamato juice I'd gotten to mix Bloody Marys a month or so ago, so I shook one up.

It wasn't bad. The recipe calls for only half an ounce of anisette, or Herbsaint in my case, and with all the other flavors in a Bloody Mary - lemon juice, horseradish, Worcestershire, Tabasco - it was almost hidden, but you still got a very subtle hint of licorice. I might try this again sometime, not that I make Bloody Marys very often.

I suggested in my last post that the 'luxury' recipe I'd made with Pimm's might work with Campari, so I tried it. (By the way, the show Great Cocktails on the FLN network showed how to make a Pimm's Cup last night, complete with a cuke wheel; was that a freaky coincidence?) I wanted to use something other than banana liqueur and dithered over what to substitute; I finally decided to up the lime factor and use KeKe lime liqueur along with Rose's.

Verdict: I wanted to like it, but it really wasn't very good. The drink wasn't overly sweet, surprisingly, but the Campari is so astringent that it just didn't go well with the sweet. I think Campari has potential for making a good cocktail, I just haven't found one yet.