One Short Day

When you're drinking martinis, you start getting time dilation. I think Einstein left that part out in his theory of relativity.

My recipe the other day was for a Ruby Martini, in honor of the birthday of Frank Baum, author of You Know What. The little brat's slippers are silver in his book, not ruby, but a niggling detail. A silver martini just doesn't have the same ring to it or value when you're trading it for gas.

Recipe: vodka (I used Mandarin Absolut), cranberry juice (I had pomegranate juice), and blue curacao. Now, I wonder if whoever wrote this recipe is color blind, because the final product looks like you're drinking ink. It's an indigo color. I doubt the difference in color between pom and cran juices would make the difference. Not bad, in spite of the color, though the orange in the vodka came on a bit strong.

Second try, using an idea I got reading the drink menu at Tumbleweed's waiting and waiting and waiting for my seafood burrito (which was pretty good for Middle Americanized Mexican food): vodka, pom juice, and a splash of lime. The orange didn't overpower this one, but the taste was a little on the sour side. Pom juice isn't as sweet as cranberry juice, so that and the lime probably puckered it up.

Third time's the charm: gin (Tanqueray with the lime in it), pom, and Rose's lime juice. Much better. You don't get the orange, the Rose's brings sweetness, the gin adds a little more subtle lime kick, and it doesn't look like ink. Though those sippers sure still don't look like rubies.