Melon Liquor

I had a recipe from a day or two ago that called for melon liqueur, so I picked up a small bottle of Midori. My first impression on tasting it straight up: lots of green food coloring, sweet, doesn't taste that much like melon.

My first drink came off the back of the bottle: Midori and vodka in equal parts and a splash of sweet and sour. It sure is green (and would have been even more Ozian without the s&s). The taste was nondescript: sweet with a bit of a pucker from the s&s.

Second, from my calendar, called for melon liqueur, grapefruit juice, and tequila. I used cheap tequila and bottled pink grapefruit juice. Not too bad, still no melon to my taste buds, but the tequila gives it a nice kick. Probably better with real grapefruit juice.

And off to the shelf in the closet goes another bottle of seldom-used liqueur until my calendar summons it forth. At least it doesn't cost much, like its green cousin Chartreuse.