May Day

April 22nd was Lenin's birthday. I didn't have any sweet and sour mix sitting around, so I put off mixing the drink in his honor till today. Now I have a big bottle of s&s that's a bit tall for the fridge taking up room, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it.

The drink in my calendar of his birthday is a 'Leninade': vodka (I used Absolut Mandarin), sweet & sour, blue curacao (the first recipe in a while that's called for that), and topped with 7-Up.

When I was a kid I liked 7-Up, but it's a bit bland for me anymore; I bought a 20-oz bottle of Sierra Mist instead. Verdict: not bad. Another nice mixed drink, a little on the sweet side, but a good mix of flavors. It might make a good punch with a little tweaking.

Trying to catch up on my drinking, I also mixed the whiskey fizz from yesterday: blended whiskey (I dusted off a bottle of Canadian Club from the back of the shelf), lemon juice, simple syrup, topped with club soda. A good whiskey mixed drink that packs a bit of a punch, but too much water for me.

As an aside, today, May Day, or thereabouts, is my little black guy Darwin's birthday. I almost named him Che, and as crabby as he gets when he's decided he's been petted enough, I probably should have.