The Day They Invented Champagne

I had several champagne recipes to catch up, so on a sunny, cool spring Sunday, I figure there was no time like the present, or some other justifying cliché.

The first one is called Lady Macbeth, in honor of The Bard's birthday a few days ago. Champagne and port, so it looks, well, bloody. I used Cockburn's ruby port. Verdict: it's OK, but champagne by itself would taste just as good.

Second, after an appropriate interval, called, first, for a sugar cube saturated in bitters, then crushed. I had a rock masquerading as a sugar cube. Then an ice cube or two and bourbon, and topped with champagne. It was surprisingly better than I thought it'd be, though I didn't drink it all. Bourbon and champagne don't seem like a natural combo. There was a sliver of sugar cube rock left in the glass when I poured the rest out, so I ate it. My idea of food with alcohol.

Third, a sake mimosa cocktail. Sake, Grand Marnier, Mandarin Absolut, OJ, shaken together, topped with champagne. Sake and champagne are another combination I wouldn't have thought of, but after an initial "I don't think I'm going to be able to drink all this," it grew on me. I'm not sure I'd drink it all the time, and it needs something (gray salt?), but not bad.

And I still have half a bottle of champagne to drink.