Amaretto 101

The drink for yesterday on my calendar was a "London Fog" in honor of the birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: equal parts amaretto and creme de menthe with a lemon slice floated on top. No paper umbrella for the London murk. I'm not a big creme de menthe fan, and I would have never thought of mixing amaretto with it, but this drink wasn't bad. Not something I'd down every night, but better than I expected - without the lemon slice, of course; who wants their alcohol sullied by nasty old vegetative matter?

Since the bottle of amaretto was sitting out for the cats to try to accidentally knock on the floor (flick; oops; scatter), I figured I'd mix up an amaretto sour. To make it more interesting, I did it with amaretto and limoncello to see how that would work. And ... it didn't. Too sweet, not tart enough. I gave it a splash of lemon juice, which helped a lot. Next time I'll stick with sweet and sour mix, or lemon juice and simple syrup. No use wasting perfectly good limoncello.