Absolut Perfection

Well, today I found bottles of Absolut Pears and Vanilla on sale at a bigger CVS in a nearby larger city. Who'd ever think I'd be going from CVS to CVS looking for vodka? They also had Peach. I love fresh peaches, but I can't see that I'd ever use Absolut Peach for much. I just wish they'd had Peppar or New Orleans.

So I decided to try a few drinks today. The first was Absolut Pears with green Chartreuse. This wasn't successful. Maybe too much Chartreuse, 1 oz to 2 oz vodka. The Chartreuse overpowered the Pear, and it made the drink too sweet. I didn't drink it all. Yellow Chartreuse might work better with Absolut Pear.

More successfully, I decided to give a black Russian another try, with the Absolut Raspberry but using Tia Maria this time. Much to my surprise, it was the favorite of my 3 tries. It was smooth, it didn't have the strong coffee taste of the one made last night with Starbux, and it didn't taste like caramel like the Kahlua one did. Good drink and easy to make: 2 to 1 Absolut Raspberry to Tia Maria.

Since I had an unopened bottle of Absolut Vanilla screaming to be opened, I thought I'd try a black Russian with that and Starbux. This drink disappointed me; it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The Starbux left a bit of an overroasted taste in the back of my mouth (like much of their coffee) and it overpowered the vanilla. Other drinks are waiting out there that will show the Absolut Vanilla to better effect.