Today's cocktail #1 is called a Tulip in honor of the birthday of Tiny Tim. If you're too young to remember him, consider it a good thing. Just pretend it's in honor of tulips coming into bloom. The other cocktail for the weekend calls for Sambuca, and you've read my feelings about licorice/anise, so it won't get a tasting.

The tulip calls for equal parts apple brandy (I used Applejack) and sweet vermouth, a little apricot brandy, a splash of lemon juice (which I forgot).

On first sip my initial thought was Yuck. I didn't know if I would be able to get it all down. (Maybe the lemon would help.) After another sip or two it started to grow on me, but the sweet vermouth was overpowering. Besides Manhattans, my main use for sweet vermouth is in cooking. (I used the dry version with some sausage and a leek and a couple eggs for supper tonight; the dogs agreed with me that it was very good.)

So I wouldn't recommend the tulip, though using Calvados and a little less vermouth (and remembering to splash your lemon) might make the difference.