Scotland Meets Japan

With a little England in the mix.

I picked up a single malt Scotch during my liquor buying spree last weekend. (Not Glenlivet or any other big name. Single and Scotch. Gotta watch out for those. Especially when they're drunk and wearing kilts.) I went back to a recipe from three months ago for a 'smoky martini': gin, a dab of scotch, and a drizzle of dry vermouth. I'd also refilled my gin supply, moving up in the world with a bottle of Tanqueray made with Indian Rangpur limes.

Verdict: not bad. The Scotch worked surprisingly well with the gin. I didn't have a twist of lemon sitting around to spritz in it, but the gin had the lime and stuff in it. The two ounces of gin called for in the recipe didn't make a very big drink though.

Then, later, I cracked open (twist top opened, actually) a bottle of sake I bought for a recipe I haven't made yet. I don't think I've had sake before. What's the brand? Dunno. Can't read the label. That's how I picked it out though (and the moderate price): the label design, in my scientific manner.

So what did I think of it? I drank it cold. Interesting taste. I'm not sure how I'd describe it. I bet it's good with seafood. Isn't everything? It didn't taste like rice, though I didn't put my usual butter and soy sauce in it, which is how I usually eat rice. I'll have to warm it up one of these days and see how I like it that way.