Jack & Jill Went Up the Hill

To get an orange martini.

Yesterday's recipe was for an orange martini. We'll skip the description of how I was supposed to play around with the rim first (sugar, etc.), since I didn't mess with it. I didn't have any orange vodka, just Stoli. Should I add a dash of orange flavoring? No, I'd better do it right. So I headed out to the liquor mart. Grey Goose orange? Good god, that goose must lay golden eggs. Burnett's orange vodka was cheap enough (and I like their gin). But the siren call of Absolut Mandarin beckoned.

Then there was the Lillet blanc. I haven't been able to find Lillet locally. So, though I'd better do it right, I just pulled out the dry vermouth. I did have the orange flower water. Shake, rattle, don't stir.

Verdict: well, I like my vodka freezer cold, and this drink was only cocktail shaker cold. The first couple of drinks I was thinking Yuk. Maybe Lillet would help. But, not wanting to pour $3 of Absolut down the drain, I kept drinking, and it grew on me. When I locate a bottle of Lillet I'll try it again. And do it right. No sugar on the rim though. Do Europeans drink cocktails designed for preschoolers?

Today's recipe is a Jack in the Box (what was I saying about preschoolers?). Applejack, pineapple juice, splash of lemon, dash of bitters (I used orange). It's simple enough, and not bad, but I bet Calvados would work better, and the larger liquor emporium that I patronize is suddenly carrying it - maybe because I asked if they had it a couple months ago? But at $38 a pop, Mr. Jack can just wait on it. There's also a Jill in the Something drink for today, but she's a member of MADD (nonalcoholic), so we'll leave that one for another, dry, day.