Gin and Bear It

OK, I was trying too hard for a title for this post.

Yesterday my calendar had 2 recipes, both calling for gin. The first was a 'rose martini' - gin, cointreau, and rose water. (I was also instructed to float rose petals on top, but hell hasn't frozen over yet.) It was a little sweet from the cointreau for me, and the gin (admittedly Tanqueray's version with lime etc.) overpowered the rose water, a taste I like in other things.

The second one was a Newport cooler: gin, brandy, peach liqueur (I used peach nectar), lime juice, ginger ale. Not too bad as a spring/summer drink, but I'm a ginger ale fan anyway. My only complaint might be that no one taste really stood out except maybe the peach, and it did in a good way, it wasn't overpowering. This is a drink I might mix again for a picnic or cookout. It's also a good drink not to follow exact measurements: I just eyeballed the ingredients as I sloshed them into the glass, the best way to make a lot of drinks.