Drink Pink

This must be pink cocktail week at my cocktail calendar. The cherry blossom drink the other day was pinkish from the cherry brandy (artificially colored, admittedly) and wrist or two of grenadine. I finally picked up some KeKe Lime Liqueur at my liquor mart yesterday and had the stuff I needed for a cocktail from a few days ago.

Ingredients: cachaca, Keke, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, grenadine. I wasn't a fan of cachaca in the cocktails that called for it earlier this year, but it isn't bad in this drink. Which is really pink from the grapefruit juice. The lemon juice didn't overwhelm the other flavors, and the KeKe added a subtle lime flavor. I've always been a fan of grapefruit juice, and I actually had one sitting around to freshly juice and produce yet more dirty dishes to wash.

I even noshed while I was sipping this and watching the War Channel (aka the Military Channel). I had some brazil nuts sitting around, left over from the holidays (Christmas, not Rio Mardis Gras), so I put them on a little baking tray, drizzled olive oil and sprinkled some sea salt on them, toasted them in the toaster oven. Good stuff. I bet you didn't think I knew you could eat food with a cocktail.