Catching Up

I'm still running behind on my drinking. Some of the drink recipes lately call for weird stuff that I don't keep on hand: chocolate syrup, 7-Up, ruby port.

I didn't drink any alcohol at all over the weekend. I'm either un-American (no label pin either) or Southern Baptist. But now that I have some anise-based liqueurs, one of these evenings I can get to the recipes from the last 4 months that call for those. And I have several champagne cocktails to attend to, and a bottle of Sekt in the fridge all ready; I just wasn't in the mood over the weekend. I went and saw 21 instead, with dreams of card counting dancing in my head.

So yesterday was the birthday of Harper Lee (played by Sandra Bullock at the movies), author of To Kill a Mockingbird, and the recipe du jour was appropriately called Tequila Mockingbird. Silver tequila (I used Patron), creme de cacao of all things, and a splash of lime juice.

It didn't taste as chocolately as I thought it would with the creme de cacao; you just got brief notes from that. But I still don't like silver Patron; it doesn't taste clean to me, more like Acapulco mud. I wouldn't make this one again, or maybe with a different tequila.

The other drink last night was an Income Tax Cocktail, the recipe for April 15th. I made one of these with a slightly different recipe last February when I filed my taxes (the earliest in decades). Last night's version called for gin (I used Tanqueray; they have a great site at, OJ, both vermouths, a dash of bitters (I used Regan's orange), and one other thing that's hiding in a crevice of my brain at the moment.

Verdict: I think I liked the February version better. I'm not big on OJ drinks; OJ tends to overpower the other flavors, here a nice gin. And I could have done without the sweet vermouth, which also manages to slug every other flavor in the ring. A glass of Tanqueray with a splash of lime would have done better at hitting my wet spot. (Or is it a dry spot?)