Bacardi Cocktail

My recipe for yesterday was a Bacardi cocktail. It's simple enough: rum, lime juice, dash of grenadine.

For my first attempt I used 110 cane rum. So much for Bacardi. It was too limey for me, though I used the 1 oz of lime juice called for. And the rum taste was too strong. I know, you can never have too much of a rum taste.

For my second try, I used Bacardi gold and a tad less lime juice. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, since it is called a Bacardi cocktail, the less expensive stuff was better. Not as limey, not as rummy. I was surprised to get a jolt of grenadine as I reached the bottom. Being heavier, it sinks, I guess.

Verdict: not a bad drink, but for the ingredients you're using, you might as well order a margarita.