Yo Ho Ho Part Deux

So before I put my bottle of 10 Cane away, I figured I'd mix up a couple more drinks.

First was a recipe for a Mai Tai on the 10 Cane Web site: white rum, Grand Marnier, orgeat, assorted other mixers. I ran out of Grand Marnier at about 1/4 of an ounce, so I made up the difference with Cointreau. Orgeat is funny: recipes always seem to call for so little of it (1/4 ounce here) that you can't really taste it. But maybe that's the point. Who wants to be drinking almond extract? The Verdict: (which I watched this afternoon, but the only thing Paul and I have in common are baby blues) OK. It would probably be better sitting on a Trinidadian beach eating kabobs oiled up. Me, not the kabobs.

I went looking for another rum drink in my bartender's guide and came across Planter's Punch. I think I've had it before, but many moons ago. My recipe called for Jamaican rum but said you could mix and match, so that's what I decided to do. And a good thing too; I ran out of Myer's at about 3/4 of an ounce. This is my day to start running out of stuff after 3 months of drinking. They also said you could substitute bitters for the sprinkling of grenadine, so I tried orange bitters, but skipped the club soda they said to use with bitters. This penchant for watering drinks down...

I liked it. Very citrusy with the orange and lemon juices, but better than the Mai Tai. A good party drink, and probably not a bad brunch drink either out on the veranda. Did Scarlett O'Hara do brunch?