Toast a Storm

We had our first storm of the entire winter over the past 36 hours. By the time it ended midday today we'd gotten maybe 8 inches of snow, but the wind blowing constantly had whipped it into foot-high drifts. A pal in Hannibal MO is laughing at me that I'm calling this a storm because he's been shoveling every other day for the last 3 months, but it's big news for us. The dogs liked romping in it.

My drink of the day - weekend actually - is a Frobisher. It's a standard Frobisher recipe: gin, bitters, and champagne. (Anybody know where it got the name? I Googled for a few minutes but didn't find anything.) I used Peychaud's bitters instead of angostura. I don't tend to go for cherry flavors in stuff, but I like the cherry notes in Peychaud's.

Verdict: I like it a lot. The bitters and herbal taste of the gin went great with the champagne. (I was quaffing prosecco. It was on sale.) And as of January 1st of this year I don't know if I'd ever drunk a champagne cocktail besides an ill advised mimosa or two.

So I got to thinking: I wonder how it'd be with orange bitters. A good excuse for a second glass. I hadn't even battled to get the plastic off the caps of my new bottles from Keg Works yet. For this one I used West Indiana bitters. Verdict: This one's even better. The gin and orange bitters work great with the champagne. One of my favorite cocktails thus far.

I'd saved up my recipe from last weekend till this week knowing I'd have another champagne cocktail recipe to mix up. I need to get to the point where I'll use any opportunity to buy a bottle of champagne. I'm getting there. Last week's recipe was champagne with light rum, banana liqueur, and orange bitters. No ice, and this time I used the Regan's orange bitters.

Verdict: interesting. The banana is pretty subtle and the sweetness goes well with the prosecco. The taste of the rum comes out (a better rum - I'm drinking Bacardi 101 - would meld even better) and of course goes great with banana too. I frankly couldn't taste the bitters. I bet any number of interesting liqueurs would substitute for the banana in this recipe. But my favorite of the day is the champagne with gin and orange bitters. Better than an oversweet mimosa any day.