Leaping over the Shadow

I'm a day late with my leap day cocktail and report. February 29th is Sadie Hawkins Day, for all you aging boomers and your aged parents who remember the comic strip Little Abner. On February 29th ladies may propose to their gentlemen friend instead of the usual vice versa. Does the lady have to buy the engagement ring? I had that happen once (the proposal, not the ring), and not on Feb. 29th; I guess every day is a potential leap day for me.

Anyway, the cocktail is appropriately called The Maiden's Prayer. (Go gag, then continue reading.) It's basically a Between the Sheets (what every maiden prays for?), which I reported on yesterday. (My verdict: I didn't like it.) The Maiden's Prayer leaves out the brandy - good move - and adds a little orange juice along with the lemon juice.

My opinion: I like it better than the Between the Sheets, but it's a little citrusy for my taste. The orange juice gives it a breakfast on a cruise ship swing. Most of the cocktails thus far that have called for orange juice seem too mimosa-y to me. Maybe I'd like pineapple or grapefruit (my favorite in general) juice better. Lemon juice most of the time seems too strong in a drink, but I really like the nip of lime juice. So how did I get from Sadie Hawkins Day to a report on citrus fruit?