Hair of the Chilhuaua

Today my calendar has two morning after recipes, one called 'South of the Border," the other 'Short Fuse'. Its excuse for these is that this is the anniversary of the Mexican victory at the Alamo, as well as the of the invention of aspirin. Davy Crockett Day, in other words. If there'd been a morning after to help him make it through the night.

I'm not big on hairs of the dog; I'd just as soon have strong black coffee, though I'm sure this week's medical research tenure article says that's the worst possible thing to drink after a few Buds and a shot or two or three.

The South of the Border calls for lime juice, tequila, and Kahlua. It tastes like a lime chocolate truffle with a buzz. This is supposed to help me feel better? The recipe might not be bad - certainly better for me, who isn't (am't?) a chocolate fiend - with something besides a chocolate-flavored liqueur. I'm not an expert (yet) on the wide variety of higher-end liqueur tastes and aromas, but something suitable might register on the taste buds in your mind.

Short Fuse is a little more complex: grapefruit juice (my favorite of all juices), lime juice, apricot brandy, tequila, and a dash of maraschino cherry liquid. This one might go down a little better after a long night of dionysian revelry, but it tastes a lot just like juice spiked with tequila. But I guess that's the point: another dog to forget the dog last night. I think there's something profound in that, but maybe it's just the dog talking.