An Empty Bottle is a Happy Bottle

I had one more drink (meaning cocktail, not direct slug from the bottle) left in my prosecco after my Champagne Cocktail Day yesterday. While I was looking online for the derivation of the 'frobisher' cocktail, I discovered another drink called the Monte Carlo Imperial that I decided to take a chance on.

Ingredients: light gin, white creme de menthe, and lemon juice shaken over ice, strained, then topped with champagne. I'm not a big mint fan - though I like fresh mint - but this drink wasn't bad. The lemon juice helped cut the mint, which was subtle enough not to overwhelm the drink. I still like the gin and orange bitters cocktail yesterday better, but I'd drink this one in a pinch.

Moral from my weekend spent drinking champagne to forget the pain of losing an hour of sleep: I've never been a big fan of champagne straight up, but I'm beginning to appreciate champagne cocktails. As noted, I've been using prosecco, which is sweeter than a lot of champagnes, so that may well be playing a big role. But the gin-orange bitters version was good, the mint one wasn't bad, even the cocktail using creme de banana was interesting. Or, then, maybe I'm just turning into a lush.