Cats on a Warm Red Couch

Yesterday's (Monday's) drink was in honor of the anniversary of the opening of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway many moons ago. My boys just rolled their eyes, or rolled over and snuggled up closer to a pillow, and asked why any self-respecting cat would want to be in a silly place like that. I'm beginning to think they're gay since they're always lying with their paws around each other, so maybe the Tennessee Williams connection is apropos.

But, more important, both the drinks were made with Southern Comfort, so you know spring is here and summer is a comin' in. Southern Comfort on the rocks has been my summer drink the last few years. Someone asked me one time what I mixed it with, and I said, Why spoil a good thing?

My bottle is the 70 proof stuff. I had a bottle of the 100 proof one summer, and it really packs a punch. Gotta find more of that. The first recipe was bourbon and SC. How very Tennessee; I'm sure he drank lots of those while he was writing. I used Maker's Mark. Verdict: I'd rather have a bourbon, or a SC, but not together. Just tastes like a sweeter bourbon. I'm a purist, what can I say.

Reportedly SC Reserve is a mixture of SC and 6-yr-old bourbon, so some people must like the brew. I'd always thought SC is bourbon based, but wikipedia reports that the brown is just caramel color #69; it's actually got a neutral grain alcohol base. They say it's got a tequila flavor to it. I've sure never picked up on that. Of course, I tend to buy cheap tequila, so maybe I don't know what a real one tastes like.

The second drink was basically a SC sour: SC, lemon juice, orange juice, simple syrup. I wasn't in the mood for a sour, but I'd bought a bottle of pomegranate juice a few days ago to use for a glaze for an Easter ham (verdict: excellent!), so I thought I'd try that instead of the lemon juice and skip the simple syrup.

Verdict: not bad. I'd not sure what I'd compare it to. Next time I'd skip the dash of orange juice and maybe try a squirt of lime, maybe even up the pom proportion a little. I guess I'll have to come up with a name for it. "Piece of Ass" is already taken as a SC cocktail, I see. Let me get back to you.