Blue Moon (not Lodge)

The recipe for this weekend in my calendar is a mimosa. A perfect holiday cocktail but I wasn't in the mood for champagne, so I decided to look around for an alternative.

I missed blogging for a couple days because I didn't have the ingredients I needed: a bock beer for a 'lemon top' (you float lemon-lime soda on it) one day. Surprisingly I couldn't find a bock beer at my local liquor emporium. I'll have to wait till I get to the bigger city to pick up a 6 pack.

Friday it was a white wine sangria. I'm about ready to give up on my resolution to make every (non-alcoholic) recipe in the calendar if it's a variation or a repeat. This is about the 3rd sangria recipe thus far this year. The calendar's had like 3 sazeracs, and I don't like Pernod/Herbsaint/etc. Sangria, especially a white wine one, seems like more of a summer drink anyway.

I'd bought a 6 pack of Blue Moon wheat beer when I was looking for the bock, so I got to thinking what I could do with that. One recipe on the Internet called for a little raspberry liqueur swirled in a glass and then the beer poured in. Raspberry works with anything for me, but I don't have any on hand, so I decided to try it with the cassis from the other day and a little lemon juice.

Verdict: Not bad. Raspberry would definitely be better, but the cassis went well with the light, wheat beer. It's probably a summer night's drink too, but it goes down pretty well after a big Easter brunch and a nap.