Ain't Easy Being Green

So I didn't try yesterday. My calendar summoned up a drink in honor of the holiday with an Irish whiskey base, but it needs green Chartreuse, and I'm waiting until I have 10 recipes that call for it before I splurge on a bottle.

So I cracked open my bottle of Drambuie instead. (Which cost almost as much as Chartreuse.) Scotland, Ireland - these botched centuries-long episodes of English attempts at genocide run together. At least there were no bagpipes or green beer.

I'm not sure if I've had Drambuie before, but I like it. Malt whiskey, heather honey, and another bunch of secret herbs and spices. This time the prince's, not the Colonel's, according to legend. No doubt some bees whispered it to Prince Charles Edward Stuart when he was hiding from the English in a tree. Or was that some other pretender?

Tonight I looked around for a drambuie cocktail recipe and turned up Sex with Venus. Better than nuttin. Or no one. Vodka, cherry brandy, and drambuie. It sounds weird, but how does it taste?

Like cherry brandy with a little drambuie. It was too sweet for me. Maybe a flavored vodka would give it a little more zing. Even Venus.