Yo ho hum

I need to begin by noting that I did a count just now, and I'm 9 cocktails behind for the year, i.e., recipes I haven't shook up to date. I try to drink these recipes in order, though not necessarily on the day they appear on my calendar. Most of them get doubled or tripled up on the weekends.

Most of the ones I'm behind on call for ingredients that I don't have (yet) and don't want to put out the bucks for (yet), like both colors of Chartreuse at $48 a bottle. But 3 of them are bloody Mary's of one kind or another, and 2 call for a single malt scotch, so I'll get caught up on them without too much trouble or arm twisting some besotted weekend.

Today's is a peach daiquiri. I am just not a big rum fan. With coke or with anything else. Maybe if someone offered me a vintage one (note that I didn't say if I bought a bottle), I might change my mind.

The recipe called for light rum (I used Bacardi; is there any other kind?), lime juice, peach nectar (fresh in a can from Kroger), peach brandy (bought just for the occasion; when else would you drink peach brandy?), and simple syrup. Interestingly enough, this is one of only one or two drink concoctions thus far that's called for simple syrup. I didn't want to fire up the stove, so I just tossed in a little superfine sugar.

This daiquiri just gets strained into a chilled glass, no shaved ice. It was OK. Very peachy. (I love fresh peaches dripping down my chin, and peach pie is my favorite.) Peach juice with sort of an anonymous booze kick. I wouldn't order it on a cruise. If I were feeling cruisy enough to order a daiquiri, it'd probably be strawberry. Seems like a good breakfast/brunch drink though, to warm you up for something stronger. One of those 3 bloody Mary's maybe.