The Versailles (KY) Sidecar

My drink recipe for today is what the calendar calls a "Kentucky sidecar": small-batch bourbon, tangerine juice, cointreau, lemon juice, the bourbon and citrus in roughly equal parts. Wikipedia says the equal-parts sidecar is the "French school". The "English school" version uses a 2 to 1 ratio.

I didn't have a "small batch bourbon" on hand (though I like Woodford Reserve; I'll get a bottle one of these days), so I substituted Maker's Mark since that's sort of small batch. Nor the tangerine juice; who keeps tangerine juice sitting around? I don't have a Whole Foods next door to run over to. I used orange juice. I picked up a small bottle of cointreau last week, so at least there was one real ingredient in it (and the lemon).

Verdict: I can see why Mame in the movie (of the play, not the awful movie musical) drinks a sidecar for breakfast. It tastes like boozy citrus juice. I'm not sure a small batch bourbon (or tangerine juice) would improve it much. I can think of lots of other boozy citrus-based drinks I like better.

Life is a banquet, and banquets call for liquor, so I'd better go mix up something else to get through this evening's part of the banquet. Half of the town has the flu, so I need something to wait out, and ward off, the plague.