Tootsie after Dustin'

The Tootsie Roll was invented in February many moons ago, according to today's calendar. I've always liked Tootsie Rolls for just the pure chocolate taste. Almond Joys have too much plant matter; same with Snickers. My brother-in-law goes for Tootsie Rolls like me. People confuse us on looks too. It's a Freudian thing for my sister.

The Tootsie Roll shooter is equal parts vodka (no funny flavors), creme de cacao, and orange juice. Here again, my calendar calls for minuscule quantities, half an ounce of each (in other words, a tablespoon). What fun is that? I upgraded to a 3/4 ounce of each, and the final product didn't overflow my shot glass.

And how was the final product? Not bad, though I've never noticed that Tootsie Rolls taste orangey. If I were going for a chocolate drink, I'd mix up a brandy Alexander instead. Which sounds like a good idea right now, actually. How else do you make it through an icy February Saturday afternoon? Besides sex. Or cleaning house.

Postscript: I see from wikipedia that Tootsie Rolls do contain orange extract. Who knew?