Reverting to Childhood

Or at least the college years.

The first bottle of liquor I ever bought at age 21 (I was a late bloomer) was a bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream, which I hid in the closet of my room at the Southern Baptist college I went to. Most other students didn't bother to hide theirs. We could play cards and dance though. I don't remember now if I drank it neat or over ice, but I guess it must have been straight up since we didn't have an ice machine in the dorm.

Today is National Almond Day, according to my calendar, and the drink du jour is a Chocolate Almond Cocktail: equal parts Harvey's, dark creme de cacao, and Amaretto. The silly recipe called for 3/4 ounce of each, shaken and strained. Why not just say an ounce and make it easy? The cap on my shaker is about an ounce; I usually use it.

I'm not a big almond flavoring fan, though I like to eat almonds, especially coated with lots of faux-smoke flavoring or other chemicals that offset almonds' alleged wonder benefits for my arteries or neurons or whatever. But I've always liked Amaretto for some strange reason, especially in coffee.

The drink wasn't as cloyingly sweet and chocolatey as I was expecting, though it was pretty sweet. I seemed to pick up a caramel taste from somewhere; I'm a big caramel fan. It'd be OK as an after-dinner drink with dessert, but I wouldn't mix one up as a get-me-where-I-want-to-go drink unless I had a vial of insulin sitting nearby. They say dessert wines should be sweeter than the dessert, and this drink would sure be as sweet as or sweeter than anything I'd ever order.

I hadn't gotten a sufficient buzz from it (hey, it's Saturday afternoon), so I decided to pour some Harvey's over ice and see if I like as much now as I did, uh, well, some odd years ago. Alas, the love affair is gone. It really didn't do that much for me. My taste buds have gotten jaded. Or else I have more mature tastes in alcohol now, but who wants to be mature?