The Remains of Yesterday

Yesterday, Valentine's Day, called for two more champagne-based drinks: one with raspberries and one with creme de peche (peach), passion fruit purée, and aged rum. I had the raspberries; I don't tend to have passion fruit sitting around. Remember the absence of a Whole Foods next door.

Since this isn't raspberry season, they're actually thawed Kroger berries. The recipe called for only 2/3 of an ounce. That's hardly worth the effort. But I figured any extra puree could be tossed back in with the other mushy berries.

Verdict: the drink was OK, a good breakfast drink, or maybe an aperitif. I still had some champagne left, which shouldn't be allowed to go to waste, so I skipped ahead a week or two to something called Blue Champagne. This called for gin or vodka, a little blue curacao, a splash of triple sec, and some lemon juice, topped with champagne. I used the gin, since I figured it would bring more flavor to the party than plain vodka.

Verdict: not as good as the French 75 yesterday, which also used champagne. It went down better as I got down to the triple sec and blue curacao and things got sweeter.

Alas, I had a little champagne left, and there aren't anymore champagne recipes for awhile. I guess winter must be champagne season. So I improvised. I have a big bottle of strawberry liqueur bought for some drink a few weeks ago, so I put a little in a flute, spritzed it with a squeeze of lemon, and topped it with champagne. I liked this one best, though the French kiss was a close second.

After downing 3 bottles of champagne since the first of the year, I've gotta say, the allure of champagne still escapes me. I'm not drinking good stuff, so maybe therein lies all the difference. Or maybe it's because I'm not drinking it with food. Prosecco and Spanish cava are more to my liking. Next time I have a champagne cocktail recipe, I'll drink it with at least a cracker nearby or a hunk of cheese and see how I like it then.