Mother's Milk

If you lived in lower-class Victorian London perhaps.

To recover from the cachaca stuff, the hair of the dog recipe for Ash Wednesday is bourbon milk punch. Yes, another good reason to drink milk with alcohol. I drink a lot of milk actually, 2%, not that 1% stuff masquerading as having swooshed out of a tit somewhere. I like it with popcorn. At home, that is. At the movies I usually go for diet Coke or smuggle something in. Diet Coke of course.

Bourbon milk punch calls for bourbon--I used Jack Daniels; I need a good excuse to finish up my bottle and buy a new one--dark creme de cacao, a splash of vanilla, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and milk. After I poured 2 ounces of Jack into the shaker and was feeling happier already, I wondered how much milk that would water down. Half a cup. I had some cream on hand I'd bought for a recipe, so I used half cream and half milk. My arteries won't thank me, but I'll eat some broccoli later to shut them up.

Verdict: tastes like milk with bourbon and a little chocolate and cinnamon. When would I drink it everyday though? Not with my popcorn. Maybe over my Cheerios? It's not my idea of a breakfast drink. If I'm into getting a buzz on at breakfast it might as well have more kick than this, without the milk mustache healthiness seal of approval. Jules (the gold cat) is picky about his milk, usually holding out for Carnation evaporated. Maybe he'll like it, as long as I don't find him slow dancing the Glamour Cat Waltz on the table later.