Head in a Sling

Catching up on recipes from last week, I made a Singapore sling tonite. It was my first sling. According to wikipedia, this concoction was first brewed between 1910 and 1915 in Singapore, so I'm only a century late checking it out.

I couldn't figure out at first quaff what the secret ingredient was. I finally remembered the cherry brandy (cherry-flavored brandy, not the real stuff). My recipe calls for orange juice, instead of the pineapple juice in the original recipe. Gin, Benedictine, Cointreau, lime juice, no bitters or grenadine, club soda.

The drink has a really complex flavor, more than any others I've made thus far this year. I drank two just to make sure it tasted as good as I thought. The second drink always tastes better.

I skipped the orange slice and cherry and whatever other fruit the recipe called for. They would have helped me hit my fruits and vegetables quota for the day, but I'm convinced that's all a government plot. Though maybe that's a good way to stay healthy--drink a cocktail with every meal that calls for fruit.