My drink of the day calendar only has drink of the weekends for Saturdays and Sundays. Since I already mixed the one for this weekend, the chocolate almond thing yesterday, I'm without a new recipe for tonight. I still have about 10 recipes to catch up on, but the only one/s I have the ingredients for is/are the bloody Mary, and that's not a Sunday evening drink.

I have 2 bartender's guides, one a slim quasi hardbound, the other a thicker paperback, so I pulled those out and dusted them off and started looking for galaxies as yet unknown to explore, or at least a wormhole to get me where I want to go.

Last Wednesday I did my taxes, electronically for the first time ever and the earliest by months in many a year. Yes, I'm getting a refund (I hope). I'm not sure if doing them electronically was more accurate, since I file Schedule C and depreciation forms and all that dreck, but it sure was easier. If it costs me a few more bucks in taxes, it was worth it, and worth not having to deal with accountants.

Anyway, I found a drink called the 'income tax' in both books, so I figured it had to be somewhat 'standard.' Gin, sweet and dry vermouth, orange juice, and a couple dashes of bitters. A teaspoon each of the vermouths and juice. What's the use of drinking alcohol if you have to mess with quantities like a 3/4 of an ounce or a teaspoon? Or with pieces of fruit. For that matter, fruit juice or purée in general besides oranges, limes, and lemons?

Anyway, it was OK, not something I'd drink every night. It made such a tiny concoction you could almost drink it as a shot. The bitters are what stood out. It was almost like drinking mincemeat. I must confess, I'm one of the 3 people in the world who like mincemeat pies. Though I loathe fruitcake, of which my mom used to bake many every Christmas, so I guess that's my redeeming quality.

As I said, it made only a shot-size drink, so I went looking for something more substantial. Close to the I's are the H's (Cocktail Monster will be making an appearance soon), and I found something called a High Hat. Isn't that part of a percussion set? Rye, cherry Heering, and lemon juice. Four ounces of rye, no less! My kind of drink, a whole half cup of booze. I had the bottle of cherry brandy from the sling the other day, so I used that. The bitters were still sitting on the counter, so I figured a couple firm wrists of those might be good here too.

Verdict: sort of a rye sidecar with cherry brandy, but it isn't bad. As you know, I'm not big on alcohol and ice cubes cohabitating, but I'll make an exception here; it works. After I'm done slugging this down, I'm not sure how many of my brain cells will be.