En Garde, Mort

Today is National Kaluha Day, according to my calendar, another soon-to-be Hallmark holiday sponsored by the makers for Kaluha. Scratch and sniff, or maybe lick, cards for adults 21 and older.

The drink is a Kaluha Toreador: brandy, Kaluha, and an egg white. Raw. Imbibe at your own risk. If you don't see a new posting here in the next few days, send help. The dogs will be licking SOS on the windows.

I think this is my first cocktail with egg white, though I've seen other recipes over the years. I'm not sure what it brings to the party, besides protein and the threat of lingering death. The drink isn't bad though. Sort of tastes like a Brandy Alexander made with egg.

I separate eggs all the time (well, not all the time, but often enough) a la Ina Garten, with my hands, and today of all times I got some yolk in the white. A teaspoon got most of it out. Did I put the yolk in the fridge to use later? No. Did the dogs get it? No. Are there starving canines in China? Bite me.

So what would taste good with this? Something deep fried, like crab balls or jalapeno shooters. Not chips or nuts, though maybe smoked almonds. If you want to salute the fine makers of Kaluha, it's not a bad drink, and easy enough, for a chilly February evening. Just make sure your will's in order first.