Do You Want Peanuts with That?

Monday was National Peppermint Patty Day, according to my calendar. Not a Hallmark holiday yet, but I'm sure they're working on lickable cards.

The recipe du jour was for a Peppermint Patty shot: creme de cacao and peppermint schnapps. Mint isn't one of my favorite flavors, though I like to grab a couple red & white ones on my way out of a Chinese restaurant. I'm already getting hungry again by that point.

This was the first recipe calling for shot glasses, a chilled one, so I dug out a couple I bought at the Jim Beam distillery gift store several years ago. The drink was OK, tasted like, well, a peppermint patty. Chocolate also isn't one of my favorite flavors, especially with mint. If I'm going to have a shooter, I'd just as soon it be a jalapeno one stuffed with cheese.

I was never much into shots or shooters when I was younger. I spent my fair share of evenings in bars gazing up at TV screens, but I tended to go for just a beer. I wonder if shots and shooters are a generational thing, if they became really popular among the guys (and ladies) of the generation after mine, or even the college class after mine. Now you see middle-agers drinking shots, but they're also playing dartball; who did that 20 years ago? Or got their porn online instead of from behind the counter at 7-11. I'll launch into my tirade about middle agers keeping up with their kids some other day, so you're forewarned.