Another Hallmark Day

Today is another industry holiday, National Chocolate Mint Day. I'm waiting for National Dog Food Day, though I hope there's not a cocktail recipe for it.

Today's recipe is another easy one: equal parts white créme de cacao, créme de menthe, and Kahlúa. 3/4 of an ounce of each, and you know my feelings on quantities of alcohol less than an ounce.

I got to thinking, surely there's a reason so many recipes call for 3/4 of an ounce. My jigger has an ounce on one side and 2 ounces on the other. But don't I have another jigger somewhere? Digging through the dusty glassware, sure enough, there it is: 3/4 ounce on one side, an ounce and a half on the other. So that's the jigger used by chinzy bars that tick me off because they wave the bottle over the glass. I'll stick with my ounce/2 ounce one. Or just an 1/8 cup measuring cup (= 1 ounce; or 2 tablespoons; or 6 teaspoons; or just a heavy hand).

Verdict on the drink: OK, another sweet chocolaty cocktail. You can't really taste the coffee in the Kahlúa, but that's not the point anyway. Not a bad Valentine's Day cocktail, 5 days late if you were waiting for the jewelry to go on sale.

Speaking of amour, an aside: I'm having the damnest time finding Parfait amour for a couple of the recipes. Liquor stores around here have every créme de this and de that that I can think of, and all those awful looking Pucker bottles of colored goo, but not this. Too purple maybe? I'm planning to go to Chicago soon; I'll have to take a list of potions I need that are too hot to handle out here in the hinterlands of the Midwest.