Waiting for a Drink

My calendars didn't arrive today, though USPS tracking says they left Cincinnati yesterday. On foot apparently.

I didn't spend the past 2 days completely alcohol free. I'd bought a blue bottle of Beviamo Mosco d'Asti at Sam's Club to take to the neighbors' New Year Eve. They opened a bottle of "white Zin" for dinner. Fortunately it didn't throw me into a diabetic coma; it's the sort of American college wine ideal that my sibling goes for. Then a Shiraz of unknown origin around 10 that left me cold; I don't think I finished before I left, before seeing out 2007. One thing I'll say for my friends is that they almost inevitably pull a bottle of red wine out of the cupboard, not the ubiquitous Midwestern Chardonnay or white Zin.

Though after drinking the Beviamo I shouldn't be making fun of the sugar content of the white Zin. It's pretty bloody sweet, but at least it has a little more depth than the Zin. I decided to make a stab at a cocktail on New Year's Day, so I made a quasi mimosa with some orange-banana-pineapple juice. The result wasn't as good as the Beviamo straight up. And more sweet. Tonight I tried a touch of curacao with the last glassful from this bottle. Better than the orange juice but still not the ideal cocktail.

Hopefully tomorrow the Cocktail a Day calendar will get here. I have 2 days of drinking to catch up on.