Slow Out of the Gate

I haven't gotten a very fast start on drinking my way through 2008. January 1st and 2nd called for Bloody Marys, the 2nd adding a little Anisette to the recipe. I don't have any vodka in the house. And I call myself a drinker? I know, I know. I'll wait for several days of drinks calling for vodka, and a long weekend, before mixing these up. And for finding a smaller bottle of Anisette than they had at my local liqueur emporium. Licorice/anise comes at the bottom of my least favorite flavors list. Or the top, depending on how you're making your list.

January 3rd was a quasi Sangria with fresh peaches. In January? That one's getting filed away to mix this summer. The 4th called for both yellow and green Chartreuse. The local liquor store had neither, so that one will have to wait for a trip to the The Big City. The last three days have all called for gin, which I confess I also didn't have on hand. This experiment is stretching my horizons already. I've had bottles of gin in the house before. And vodka. And Jack Daniels. And all the other alcohol stuff--well, at least a few of them--I'm finding I don't have and I'm going to need. We won't even go into the glassware that the author recommends I should have.

I'm saving up my gin reviews till I have a few ounces under my belt. But, I can tell you already, I don't like it much with champagne. Which, no, I didn't have on hand. I've got the driest house on the block.