Monks in the Chips

Late this afternoon I stopped by my friendly neighborhood liquor store (actually, the lady behind the counter seemed in a surly mood today) to pick up a six pack of Bud. Not Lite. I'm doing my best to expand my horizons with this cocktail quest, but I need my End of a Long and Probably Boring Day drink too.

It's a small, one-room liquor store. Just on a whim I thought I'd check if they carry Chartreuse, but I didn't figure they would. I need both yellow and green for a gin drink on the calendar last week. Lo and behold, to my amazement they had both. In big bottles. At $42 a bottle. Those monks in Voiron brew this stuff out of 130 secret herbs and spices, and they get away with charging $42 a bottle after mowing the meadow? Alvin!! This recipe from my calendar is one of those drinks I'll order at a well-stocked bar sometime.

For more on Chartreuse (an interesting concoction from all reports), see