A quick aside to make up for failing to post Saturday.

I scan ahead in my calendar to see what booze I'll be needing that I don't have on hand. It's depressing. But by about May I should have the best stocked bar in the neighborhood.

I noticed that 2 upcoming recipes call for Limoncello, which I don't think I've ever drunk before. The liquor mart had 2 bottles to choose from: a $20 bottle and a $30 bottle. Option A for me.

Tonight I decided to try it straight to get a sense of how it tastes before I use it in a cocktail. A couple ounces over a couple ice cubes. I did chill my glass down first.

It's good. Like a more lemony and sweeter Absolut Citron. Not good over ice though. I've told you before about my dislike of booze on the rocks. Into the freezer it goes. Wikipedia says Italians drink it in chilled ceramic glasses. I have a couple egg cups I can use. Or espresso cups. I have a Paula Deen lemon cheesecake recipe that I'm planning to make this week that it would be great with, maybe even in as a substitute for the lemon juice.

I also learned on Wikipedia that limoncello is what Danny De Vito overindulged in with George Clooney the night before he appeared on The View obviously still under the influence. George, I'm available for hanging out. I bet he buys the $30 bottle.