In Honor of the King

Yesterday, January 8th, was the birthday of Elvis. No last name needed. Born in 1935. To honor his nativity, my cocktail calendar had a recipe for a drink they call the Blue Hawaiian. The name comes from his 1961 movie Blue Hawaii.

It's a pretty simple drink: pineapple juice (I had some orange-pineapple-banana juice on hand), light rum (I got to tap my seldom tapped Bacardi), blue curacao, and cream of coconut. It tasted like orange-pineapple-banana juice with coconut blue notes.

So who came up with the idea of coloring curacao? That comes out clear at the end of the distilling process. Wikipedia says it can be green or even red, which I've never seen. Blue is bad enough. It was probably used as a dye or concealer for poison by the Borgias. (A historical impossibility, I know.) Every time I got some on the counter, I grabbed a sponge and mopped it up in fear of leaving a stain. I was about ready to pull out a lobster bib. But I guess if you want a Blue Hawaiian, this is the stuff to make you blue, if not mellow.

I had a bit of an issue with the cream of coconut which I'll report on in a day or two. The drink was ok but not my all-time favorite. It'd be better around a pool on Oahu in a glass with a paper umbrella.