In the Bleak Midwinter

The temperature here is 11, which reports feels like -2. The low tonight is supposed to be -1. My humidifier kicked on a few minutes ago, so the cold has definitely sucked all the moisture out of the air (or however that works). I was at the wildlife refuge outside town late this afternoon, and the ice on the lakes was morphing into weirdly creative designs with animal prints going across.

Thursday the 17th was National Hot Buttered Rum Day. I waited till the weekend. Mainly because I hadn't looked at the recipe to see I had what I needed to make it. Hot water, brown sugar, rum ( I used Myers's), and butter with a little fresh-grated nutmeg.

I think I drank a hot buttered rum many moons ago at some fall party. I liked it tonight. The grease in the butter floating on top of the molasses in the rum made for a deep rich sip. I'm not sure the nutmeg contributed much. If I had had some gray salt sitting around to toss in a few grains, I bet the rum would have tasted even better. When I get some, I'll let you know. I'm sure feeling warmer now, salt or no.