Hair of the Dog

And we have lots of that in our household, especially since my akita seems to think winter is a good time for a secondary shed. Her primary molt last year went for 6 months.

Last week my calendar gave its first beer recipe: vodka, hot sauce, and lager. My kind of simple recipe, though I was out of vodka (long story there), so I had to wait to try it. As I've said before, I'm a Budweiser kind of guy. I figured that chilled quasi rhymes-with-hiss wouldn't work well in this recipe, so I picked up some Sam Adams over the weekend. I've drunk Sam Adams before and didn't like it at all, but that must have been a different line because their blue label stuff isn't bad.

So today I chilled my glass in the freezer, measured out the vodka (also in the freezer), slugged in a few shots of Tennessee hot sauce, and poured in some lager. I'd had the hot sauce for like 2 years, going on 3, since a trip to to the Cumberland Mtns, but no bacteria are going to grow in that stuff. As the first man on Mars will say just before something bursts out of his gut.

This concoction isn't bad at all. I'm not sure the vodka helps much, but the hot sauce goes good (well, hell, whatever) with lager. Who knew? And who needs a bloody Mary when you can drink this at breakfast?