Blue Hawaii Part 2

I needed to go to the store this afternoon (cat sand; when you have 3 male cats, you should live on a beach), and I decided to try again on the coconut stuff for my Blue Hawaiian.

On my first try, my can of cream of coconut was very solidified at the top, and it didn't shake up or stir up or do anything up well at all. I had little bits of solidified cream of coconut floating about in the can and in my shaker and in my drink (fewer than in my shaker). Is it supposed to do that?

So today I bought a can of coconut juice, nestled among the other bar fixin's, next to the margarita salt. When I opened it, it was thinner and clearer than the coconut cream and had, well, little white bits floating in it too. I think those were actual coconut. The ingredients panel said it contained 80% real coconut something, so those had better not have been solidified trans fats.

I mixed up another Blue Hawaiian--perfect for Colts fans. Splash it on your face. It had less coconut notes to it than the one made with creme of coconut. So the motto here seems to be: Don't use coconut juice if you want coconut taste. I used to have a heavy duty juicer, but I think I gave it to Goodwill for lack of use, so I can't cram shredded coconut through it and see how that works. Actually I've already given this drink more attention than it deserves. On to Manhattans! And Coney Island too. They have pretty good Coneys at Dairy Queen.